Ricewood Park

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Ricewood Park was conceived by the Ricewood Municipal Utility District Board of Directors in 2011. The board was looking for a means of getting the most use out of the detention pond next to McRoberts Elementary. Posey presented the idea of creating a park that would take the requirements of special needs children into its design.

The park is a public amenity and individuals, schools, churches and other community organizations are welcome to use it.

Located on Misty Cove Drive next to McRoberts Elementary School, the park offers a gazebo, amphitheater, butterfly area, statues, an outdoor “stump classroom,” walking paths, a wheelchair accessible ramp and a sensory garden. Statues, a windchime and other decor are made from materials that can withstand water in the event that a severe storm occurs and the drainage pond is used for water storage during and after storms.

Within the park, a sensory garden and accessibility features such as a gently declining wheelchair ramp allow park goers with sensory and mobility challenges to enjoy the facility. Signs in both standard lettering and braille describe each of the five senses.

Locking gates and security cameras ensure resident safety to prevent entry in the event the park is used for drainage and to monitor the park throughout the day for residents’ safety.

The park is open from dawn to dusk and visitors are asked to follow the posted rules for the park which include:

  • No unleashed pets
  • Pet owners must immediately clean up after their pet
  • No fires or fireworks
  • No discharge of firearms
  • No motorized vehicles
  • No motorcycles or ATVs
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No glass containers
  • No profanity
  • No fundraising
  • No loud music or excessive noise
  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult

If there is standing water within the drainage pond, the facility is closed to the public.

If you see a maintenance or safety issue within the park, please notify the MUD by completing the form on the contact us page or calling 281-257-3375 to reach Murr, Inc., the district’s landscape maintenance contractor.

We hope that our residents enjoy the park and take the opportunity to walk throughout the district and enjoy the outdoors.

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Ricewood Park includes several amenities such as this wheelchair ramp to enable people of all abilities to enjoy the park.
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Amenities like this outdoor “stump playground” allow nearby McRoberts Elementary and other organizations to have outdoor classes in a comfortable outdoor setting.
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An outdoor amphitheater allows the community to relax on the raised benches or enjoy a play put on by community organizations.
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Ricewood Park’s sensory garden includes a windchime, several native plant species, statues and other decor that are easy for residents with disabilities that cause sensory overloads to enjoy the park in safety.
Picnic tables are available under the park’s gazebo or near the sensory garden. Many of the park’s tables such as this one can accommodate visitors in wheelchairs.
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Shade is an important amenity for any park in Texas. Ricewood Park’s gazebo and shade structures provide large amounts of shade for park goers to enjoy during hot, Texas summers.

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