Ricewood MUD - How to Read Your Water Bill

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As Residents of Ricewood Municipal Utility District (Ricewood MUD), the Board wants to better serve you by helping you understand and read your monthly water bill.

Ricewood MUD contracts with Inframark Water Services (Operator) to manage their facilities and handle the billing process for services. In partnership with Inframark, it is the District’s goal to make sure reading your bill and paying for your water service is as simple as possible.

There are thirteen information components displayed on your monthly water bill:

  1. Amount due before the account is late
  2. Date the payment must be received before the account is past due
  3. Amount that must be paid after the due date
  4. Account number, service address and electronic box number
  5. Remittance information
  6. Billing period
  7. Date the bill was generated
  8. Meter reading information
  9. Detail of service charges and activity
  10. Total balance due
  11. Historic usage graph
  12. District information
  13. A QR code that can help you pay your bill via credit card or e-check

\See attached image for example water bill**

Water bill showing pins that point to information components

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the district through our website’s “Contact Us” page.

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