City of Houston Water Main Break

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WHAT HAPPENED: The City of Houston experienced a 96” water main break around noon on February 27th. A significant amount of treated water was lost due to the size and scale of the main break. The City isolated the break and their distribution system was then re-pressurized.

IS THE WATER FROM THE CITY OF HOUSTON SAFE TO DRINK: The City of Houston formally issued a boil water notice due to a possible reduction in pressure below state minimums in the City’s distribution system. More information may be found at the City of Houston’s website.

IS THE WATER IN MY MUD SAFE TO DRINK: At this time, Inframark MUDs that are affected by the Boil Water notice are:

  • City of Hillshire Village
  • Harris County MUD 182
  • Harris County MUD 421
  • Harris County MUD 372
  • Harris County MUD 420

All other Inframark operated MUDs are not affected by the Boil Water Notice.

Inframark will continue to monitor the incoming water supply for any potential quality issues, but at this time the data indicates that the water supply continues to meet all state and federal requirements.

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