Ricewood MUD now has five deputies to help maintain community safety

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Ricewood Municipal Utility District (MUD) has additional security through the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to patrol the District and help keep District residents safe. The District partners with HCSO to have designated deputies regularly patrol in the District's boundaries. This security is in addition to the presence or patrol of all regular law enforcement provided by the various agencies at the state, county, and municipal levels. The Ricewood MUD Board of Directors voted to hire a fifth deputy for the District in March. The new deputy began patrolling the District on June 29.

The addition of another deputy is an effort to be proactive and keep the community safe, not a response to an increase in crime in the District, Board members said. Providing supplemental security officers helps maintain the community’s overall safety and prevent crime from coming into the neighborhood by maintaining a very visible police presence.

In addition to their prevention function, the deputies are in the District to help ensure a fast response to 911 calls. The District’s Board and its dedicated HCSO deputies understand that a fast response in an emergency may significantly improve the outcome of the situation.

The Ricewood MUD Board of Directors is grateful to the District’s HCSO deputies and encourages residents to introduce themselves to the officers and get to know them.

HCSO provides a wide variety of services to the District, including the contract deputies, vacation watches of residents’ homes and home security inspections. For a full list of supplemental services provided by HCSO, visit this link.

In an emergency, HCSO staff recommend contacting the department by calling 911. Contract deputy visits may be requested for non-emergencies by calling the HCSO main line at 713-221-6000.

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