Spotlight on our providers: Inframark

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Inframark staff like those pictured here can be seen regularly throughout the district regularly servicing waterlines, reading meters and maintaining drainage infrastructure.

Ricewood Municipal Utility District works with a variety of consultants and contractors to ensure the district is maintained and that services are consistently provided to our customers. One of the key players in ensuring our residents receive their water services is our water services operator, Inframark.

Residents will regularly see Inframark staff throughout the community as they are reading meters, checking on maintenance issues, installing new hardware or making repairs on water lines. Inframark staff are easy to identify with their blue shirts sporting the Inframark logo and branded company vehicles.

Residents may be asked for access to waterlines in their back yards or see Inframark staff walking along easements or rights of way performing maintenance. We understand that strangers near residents’ homes may cause concern. Here are some tips on how to verify that anyone performing maintenance is an Inframark employee:

  • Inframark employees will be in uniforms with the Inframark logo embroidered onto the shirt.
  • Inframark staff will arrive in a company vehicle with an Inframark logo on the doors.
  • If asked, Inframark employees will provide a company badge verifying their identification.

Inframark also provides the district’s billing and waterline maintenance. If you have a question regarding your bill or notice a waterline maintenance issue, please call their customer service line at (281) 579-4500. For emergency situations such as water main breaks, please contact Inframark at (281) 870-0585 and press option four.

The photos below show examples of the badges and clothing worn by Inframark staff while servicing the District as well as a sample of one of the vehicles.

All Inframark staff carry a badge similar to this one with Inframark’s blue waterdrop logo, their name and an employee number.
Inframark uniforms vary with the weather, but will always have this logo on the left breast.
Texas weather varies throughout the year, making it necessary for Inframark staff to wear a variety of styles. Staff will always be dressed professionally and with the Inframark logo displayed prominently.