Still Time to Complete the 2020 Census!

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The closing date to submit your information to the 2020 Census has been extended to October 15th, 2020. The 2020 Census results can determine:

  • How many representatives Texas will have in Congress
  • How the federal government will allocate funds to the states for a range of essential federal programs valued at over $59 billion dollars a year
  • How businesses make smart decisions about growth and spending

The Census shows how many people live in an area, which determines the number of representatives Texans have in Congress and the number of electoral votes Texas has in presidential elections. Additionally, portions of the Federal tax money sent to Washington come back to Texas based on Census numbers, to support housing, transportation, and other services Texas residents use. Companies use population and demographic data from the Census to determine where to set up shop and expand, creating jobs and generating opportunities for Texans.

Texas is at a serious risk of an undercount in the 2020 Census. Key issues are:

  • High concentrations of hard-to-count (HTC) individuals in urban cities; 25% of Texans live in hard-to-count areas
  • Lack of broadband internet in border and rural areas
  • Large populations of young children and immigrants who require greater support and targeted outreach
  • Isolation/distrust of the government
  • Privacy issues

Texas could stand to lose $300 million per year in federal dollars for every 1% not counted; current predictions indicate a likelihood of a 4-8% undercount. For more information about Texas relative to the last Census, growth, and other relevant statistics, go to

To complete your 2020 Census entry, please navigate to and complete the questionnaire.

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