Ricewood MUD pool safety tips

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As summer moves forward, the trend in near-drownings and drowning deaths throughout Greater Houston continues. The Ricewood MUD Board of Directors wants to prevent such tragedies in the pools in our community.

The following are some safety tips to help keep family members and guests safe near the pool this summer. Below that, you’ll also find an informative video from Harris County Emergency Services District 48, one of the fire and EMS departments that serves the District.

  • Learn to swim and make certain children get swimming lessons too. Some options for local swim schools may be found here.
  • Ensure that children are aware of all applicable water safety and pool-related rules.
  • Never go swimming, or let your child go swimming alone.
  • Children should always have undistracted adult supervision when swimming, even in small “kiddie” pools. Set digital devices aside when supervising young swimmers.
  • Have a charged phone available at all times in case an emergency call must be made, but do not let the phone distract you.
  • Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings.
  • Do not consume alcohol and swim.
  • If going to a public pool, choose one that has trained lifeguards on duty.
  • If a child is missing, check the pool before looking in any other locations throughout the home.
  • Even if a lifeguard is present, parents and other caregivers should pay close attention to the children they are responsible for.
  • Take a first aid course. Harris County Emergency Services District 48 offers first aid courses throughout the summer. Courses include CPR training, which is essential when drowning is involved.
  • Make sure your pool is fenced off to prevent children from wandering into the area. The National Safety Council recommends a fence at least 4 feet in height.
  • Ensure that pool fences have self-closing and self-locking gates. Always keep gates to pools closed to prevent children from wandering in.
  • Keep pool and spa covers in working order and in place when the pool or spa is not in use. This can prevent accidental falls into the pool and will also reduce water loss through evaporation, saving money on water bills. It’s a two-for-one.
  • Ensure all pools and spas have serviceable and properly installed drain covers.
  • Install an alarm on the door leading from the home to the pool.
  • Have pool poles and life preserver rings readily available at the poolside.

For additional tips on summer safety, visit this Ricewood MUD post from earlier this summer. The post includes additional water safety information and tips on how to stay safe in the sun and avoid common summertime crimes. Further pool safety information is available at the National Safety Council’s Pool Safely website.

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